Warning Letter

My dearest travelers, friends and countrymen. Though I may not yet know you I, Grik Redfur, one of the heroes of Sandpoint and Kingsholme and your eternally humble servant, greet you well.

I hope your travels have treated you kindly and I give my unreserved condolences for your misfortune at arriving at a place as empty as this. I write this letter with a great weight upon my mind and pray that you heed my words with care.

An affliction of the soul had befallen this village. A curse which caused an insatiable gluttony and a lack of all compassion claimed the lives of those who dwelled here; every man, woman and child. It was but a kindness that my companions and I gathered and burnt their mortal remains as we could not afford to tarry long enough to give them the burial they deserved. We travel now to the Lord of Pontchateau to inform him of what has transpired.

When your travels conclude spread the word of this tragedy to the Church so they may attend to the souls of those who died here and if you feel the pang of unnatural, gnawing hunger then seek help for yourselves and your companions. If you hear similar tales from others then we would be be eternally in your debt should you be able to inform us of the stories so that we may try and find the source of this wickedness.

We have left what rations and other good will as we can to see you through the night and I entreat the Gods to give you good, honest people safe and fast journeys. Please know that our loyalty to this land and her people is absolute. 

Written on the twenty-fourth day of June in the the Bronze Shield inn by Grik of Sandpoint, to be found at The Rusty Dragon.

Warning Letter

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