Sandpoint is a small town on the South coast of Brittany, where Locmariaquer is located in our world.

The primary industries are fishing, the commerce that comes in through the port and health tourism linked to the local hot springs. The economy is also underpinned by smuggling, with the tacit approval of local authorities. Wine comes in and salt goes out. A local man, Bledic, is suspected to have significant influence and interest within the Sandpoint underworld.

The Recent Unpleasantness

A year ago a serial killer – known as the Chopper – struck at Sandpoint, killing dozens of people, before being tracked down to a small peninsular where he was killed by the town watch.

Soon there after, the local chapel burned down, killing the beloved preist, Ezakien and his family.

It was decided to build a new, pantheistic cathedral in town, funded by multiple stakeholders. Next years yearly Swallowtail festival will be used to consecrate the cathedral and put the troubling events of the Recent Unpleasantness behind the town.

Important Locals

Mayor – Kendra Deverin

Sheriff – Belor Hemlock – Competent

Priest – Father Francois

Moella – Curiosities Trader

Graphyr du Clos – The Half-Elf cathedral architect

Samuel Leblanc – Cathedral construction foreman – A busy man, far too busy to talk to you

Bledic – Smuggler and suspected Sandpoint crimelord

Shop and services

Curiosities Shop owned by Moella.

The Rusty Dragon – Inn of reasonable quality.

The Curious Goblin – an ironically named bookshop


Church (under construction)


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