Minor Locations

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Dragon's Cave

A cave in the hills above Sandpoint which was, until recently, the lair of a young Black Dragon the locals have named Black Fang. The Heroes of Sandpoint made their name when they drove the dragon from it's lair.

The Howling Caverns

Until recently, the home of the Horseslasher Goblin tribe, who turned suddenly and explosively consumptive, before being exterminated by the Hero's of Sandpoint. Apparently ruled over by a young Black Dragon, not to be confused with Black Fang, and Urrtarr – both now deceased.

Abandoned Gold Mine

An abandoned gold mine in the hills near Sandpoint. A new prospecting team lost it's life here, but not before finding still extant reserves of gold.

The Mine is currently believed to be unoccupied, although there may be earth elementals residing there.

The Jefferies Estate

The Jefferies Estate is the holding of the Jefferies family, a noble family local to Sandpoint. Recently, reinvestment has been noted on the estate, and various debts have been paid off since the return of a family heirloom by the Heroes of Sandpoint. The family may have outstanding issues with Bledic.

The Sandpoint Graveyard

A large graveyard, about half an hour outside town. Mostly used for larger, more expensive crypts and tombs.

The Bronze Shield

An inn and surrounding village located between Vannes and Kingsholme. It was attacked by an Ogre and the inhabitants seem to have succumbed to the Hunger

The Monach Estate

An abandoned estate belonging to the late Lysienne Monach, aunt of Guillaume de Montrachet. Squatter tenants appear to be working the farms. The grounds are littered with odd structures, apparently designed to tap into the power of ley lines – or at least a ley line that runs through the area. A ghostly Cat has been spotted in the manor itself.


The capital of Brittany, currently short one Queen, who is married to the King of Neustria.

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Minor Locations

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