Lydia Starshine

Lydia Starshine

Lydia was living in Vannes a Largish port town near Sandpoint, she studies at the University there, the Acadamae. She assisted the group with a Cat issue and has been keen to join them on travels ever since offering her magical services to them.

She was studying anything she could get her hands on at the Acadamae mainly focusing on conjuration, she found being studious kept her out of trouble as she can be a bit 'speak first think later', something which sometimes maybe gets her into trouble, she puts it down to her head being so full of knowledge but not in a show off way… she’s working on it okay!

She has long hair that starts blonde at the top of her head and transitions into brown, she is often seen with Corbin on her shoulder, her beloved Raven familiar. She carries a light crossbow slung over her shoulder when adventuring.

She has one sibling a younger step sister who is human and just one parent alive – her father who is also human. She doesn’t like to talk about what happened to her mother but said her childhood was happy and good, as good as any other childhood, people get the feeling her parents were maybe not so happy about her leaving to go in search of knowledge when she was younger, making it harder to return home to them, but she always writes a letter to her father every fortnight. She is very indifferent to her step sister Tabitha (Tabby) who is quite against magic, even though Lydia has tried to explain and demonstrate that it's good. She had a true love when she was younger, in her childhood town, but he passed leaving her alone but not sad; she doesn’t seek another person and this made her not returning to the family farm much easier.

She loves most wildlife, often sitting outside messing around quietly with conjurations and talking to Corbin. She doesn’t talk to him much openly in front of the others except for when requesting something from him but in private they are very close, in quite moments you can often hear her secretly whispering to him.

On her adventures with the team she has been slowly partaking in more damage dealing which is enjoyable to her and she would like to do more of that if she stays with them.

Lydia Starshine

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