A small hamlet just north of Saint-Nazaire, known to have been founded by Hasdrubal the Fair. The remains of a nearby hill fort are – now little more than a hill – is believed to be his and a statue in the local woods is also believed to be of him. The surrounding areas is littered with Carthaginian villas long since consumed by the land, or with more modern farmsteads replacing them.


The Royal Oak – run by Ian Turbrand – is the local tavern, offering basic lodgings.

Temple to Calistria – Tended by Hergon Peidmont

Blacksmith – A small blacksmith that supplies the local area with horseshoes, ploughshare and the like.

Kingsholme Graveyard and Mausoleum – A graveyard and crypt complex about half an hour outside town. Local custom is to let notables rot in the mausoleum before being buried in the graveyard. Commoners are buried directly in the ground. Recently the location of the demise of most of the Yurling family. The Mausoleum is also one of two entrances to the Tomb of Hasdrubal the Fair.

Notable Locals

Ian Turbrand – Local tavern owner and apparent authority figure in the community. A well built, serious man.

Hergon Piedmont – The local priest, serving Calistria. In his middle ages, known to be a fiery orator. Lock up your daughters and possibly your sons. Splits his time between Kingsholme, Saint-Nazaire, and a number of other small local communities.

The Yurlings – The local landed gentry. Apparently much loved.


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