Guillaume de Montrachet

Guillaume is a powerfully-built man, of medium height, in his early twenties.  He has sandy brown hair, and blue eyes.  His face has variously been said to be "kind" or "fair", but rarely truly handsome.

In his early life, Guillaume had access to tutors who attempted to instill in him the basics of the Trivium, but his attentions often wandered, and he excelled more at physical pursuits than his books.  Aged 12, he was sent as a squire to a nearby Baron, Emile de Kervignac.  It was hoped that this would both teach him knightly bearing and strengthen a useful alliance for the family.  The former aim at least partially succeeded, and the young squire continued to ride, hunt, and learn swordsmanship.  He also came to a keen feeling for right and wrong under Emile's kindly but firm tutelage.  However, hopes of strengthening the alliance were cut short when Baron Emile died of an infected wound following a hunting accident.  Rather than return home, Guillaume rode on to L'Orient, where he presented himself at the Order of the Ermine.

Whether they truly sensed potential in him, or were merely displaying charity, he was not turned away.  Initially, he continued to serve as a squire, eventually taking his vigil to be recognised as a knight at the age of 17.  Since then, he has served the Order as a Knight Petitioner, until such time as his deeds make him worthy of elevation to the rank of Knight Ordinary.

Guillaume's personal arms take the quarterly red-and-blue of the Montrachet, with a wavy diagonal bar in ermine signifying his dedication to the Order.

Guillaume de Montrachet

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