Grik Redfur

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Grik Redfur – Ratfolk Rogue

Grik is a young Ratfolk who was born in the outskirts of Paris and has until recently been working for the West Breton Trading Company, a travelling trade caravan. He is named for his ruddy fur colour and has a liking of shiny jewellery which he uses to decorate his ears and tail. Grik is often dressed and hooded in a variety of colourful, loosely fitting garments which he can use to cover up his form, as some other humanoids find rodent features distasteful.

Like many other Ratfolk, he left his home to seek out new opportunities for trade, fame and enough wealth to one day start a business venture of his own – a curiosity shop, such as the one owned by Moella, is something he one day aspires to run. He originally attached himself to the West Breton Trading Company as an apprentice alchemist making balms, salves and ointments out of acquired raw materials and acted as a ‘fixer’ when unscrupulous traders and officials caused difficulties.

Recently he decided to settle in Sandpoint for a while in order to both build up good relations with the town and to try and disrupt a local smuggling operation which was undermining the profits of the caravan. After only a couple of months he was given a chance to see off a ‘marauding’ dragon – with all the reputation and wealth that came with such a feat!

Grik values fair dealing and trading - whether time, money or other resources – above all else. Good deals are a way of cementing friendships, gifts of trinkets show gratitude and a dishonest trader is someone who cannot be trusted for anything else either. Theft from an honest man is considered to be a dreadful crime! Respecting family and friendship, and a desire for cooperation are considered to be important traits for Ratfolk and Grik is no exception. 

Grik Redfur

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