A dour port town known for the institute d'art necromancie – a research institute dedicated to necromancy and its castle, now abandoned and reportedly haunted by the events which tore apart the Council of Carnac – convened to discuss the study of necromancy -  750 years ago.

The Council of Carnac

The Council of Carnac was a meeting of necromancer, mages and other worthies to discuss the legality and place of necromancy within early Breton society. While the ignorant may consider the story that of little more than a coterie of evil wizards being dispatched by a group of valiant knights, the truth is more complex.

The church of Aroden was heavily involved in the Council. The objected strongly to the subject being discussed at all, seeing the practice of necromancy as an affront to nature and the gods. In order to gain their grudging approval, the king assented to allowing the church to set wards around Carnac Castle – where the council was being held – in order to seal the place off – and the attendees in – if they showed signs of perfidity. They also were allowed to maintain a number of paladins in the town.

When necromantic magics swirled out of control, the company of paladins did as duty required, and stormed the castle in an attempt to stop the calamity at it's source. They failed, and the wards were sealed behind them.

For centuries, the Castle has stood abandoned, even after the wards failed. The locals still speak of "the hungry dead" and of still hearing the screams of the dying on the wind.<o:p></o:p>


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