Vannes is a large-ish walled port town about half a day's ride from Sandpoint. It is well known for its University, The Acadamae.


Professor Plume – Professor of Spirits and Religion

Blanchard-McGonagall – Professor

Linna Montrovale – Academy Professor who recently fled the Acadamae into retirement after an attempt on her life. Last seen making her way to somewhere with more sun and less murderous furniture.

Sergeant Von Maastricht – Police commander currently, supposedly, overseeing the investigation into the attempted murder of Linna Montrovale.

Jean-Luc Duchamp – Undergrad, Egyptologist

Shops and Services

The Wizards Staff – A pub popular with students and apprentices.

The Crooked Wand – an inn with stables at the town's edge.

Ukumars – A tattoo parlor run by a half-orc – Ukumar – he is rumored to offer magical tattoos to select clients.

The Albany Lane Theatre – A theatre of debatable quality.

The Docks – Rather seedy.


The Thin Man Phlyk