The Thin Man


The storm dies. The hunger fades.

In the hours and days immediately following the defeat of the being known as The Thin Man, Sandpoint dug quiet graves and mourned in private.

The heroes of Sandpoint assisted as and when they could.

Later they were honoured, both by Sandpoint and the city of Vanne, with the freedoms of both cities.

The Order of the Ermine, forewarned by the Heroes of Sandpoint raised funds and managed emergency food shipments throughout the region, assisting with rebuilding and restoring order. As a result, it's profile was much raised among commoner and noble and its decline reversed.

Vanne burned to the ground during the chaos of the final night of The Hunger's influence and is slowly rebuilt.

Carnac, dour as always, endures. The castle is quickly looted by treasure hunters and souvenir seekers. No further hauntings are reported.

The Brehan family fortunes experience a minor upswing as the treasures of Arzurs tower are reinvested. Good harvests and the rumoured link to the Heroes of Sandpoint lead to popular opinion asserting that the "curse" – if there ever was one – has been lifted. Gulwena marries well and bears three children.

The Bronze shield burns down mysteriously and is not rebuilt.


Grik received offers of work with Ratfolk clans throughout Europe and the Middle East, along with the accompanying offers of marriage.

His journals, preserved by his family eventually became the classic set of diaries for the period.


One doesn't usually have to save the world to gain admittance to the Order of the Ermine. It is, however, judged sufficient once the necessary letters of recommendation and witness are received. A somewhat lavish knighting ceremony is held in Vanne.

Angry letters arrive from both sides of the family, enquiring as to why various artaefacts from the Monach estate have wound up in a wing of the Accademie in Vanne. Legal wrangling ensues and it is decided that this is indeed the safest place for them, and they are put on long term loan.


On return to the Sandpoint woods, Shanae finds that the "dark energies" have receded and is instrumental in healing the environs.


Lydia is awarded a posthumous degree by the Accademie.

The new cathedral is christened the Cathedral of Lydia the Saviour and building resumes.

Next years Swallowtail festival has taken on even more importance, if that was possible, as a vital symbol of rebirth and healing, and Sandpoint looks forward to it with renewed hope as it attempts to forgive and forget the horrors of the last night of the Thin Man.




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