The Thin Man

The Plot Thickens

Wednesday, 15th June 1498 – Afternoon

Well, we survived the night. Good thing too as I dosed off during my shift and would have had a lot of explaining to do in the afterlife!

I took the opportunity to climb back out of the tomb to take stock of our surroundings and to get our bearings. The statue that was standing solemnly at the top was none other than Hasdrubal himself – the four-pointed crown giving him away! I took a look around the abandoned campsite too, but there wasn't much to see.

Just as I was heading back though I was ambushed by a snake of leviathan proportions! It almost managed to loop a coil around me before I slipped free and made it back down the tunnel! We went back up to look for it, but there wasn't so much as a trace of it, magical or mundane. We warned Tyrer that it was too dangerous to leave now and that she should stay with us.

Exploring on, we came across a continuation of the river that Guillaume fell into before, this time inhabited by an elemental of water. It seems it was a guardian of this place and had dispatched two goblins, who were carrying a number of the strange coins we found before. We agreed to help clear the tomb of intruders in exchange for safe passage. Guillaume certainly has a silver tongue or maybe the elemental could sense his noble blood and deemed him trustworthy?

Further on we encountered more of the animated dead, but made quick work of them. These slow, ungainly creatures are easily dismantled and have a rather bad reaction to my alchemical compounds. We trapped their Wererat accomplice in an antechamber but let him take his chances with the water elemental in exchange for information. We now knew that we were dealing with a foe named 'Xuron', believed to be a powerful necromancer.

I do hope the rat made it out, we've all made foolish decisions for money but such follies are` rarely worth someone's life.

The room we'd fought in contained a number of sarcophagi, clearly in the middle of being broken up and looted, but we left everything as-is. Our agreement with the elemental forbade us from taking anything from the tombs, not that grave robbing was an appealing thought anyway.

Journeying on it became clear that whoever had broken in was intending to strip the tombs and resurrect the dead as guards whilst they work. We came across a hobgoblin further in the tunnels, protected by a further four animated skeletons, but put him to the sword at Tyrer's request when he refused to answer our questions. The grave-goods he was carrying will be returned to the rightful places once all this is over. 

The journey onwards looked to be more hazardous yet. A rope ladder leading from the hobgoblin's room down another fifty feet into darkness appeared to be the way to proceed, but low on food and supplies we were in no position to continue. Tyrer was looking exhausted too, poor girl, and we had no intention of subjecting her to yet more trauma.

So we pulled up the rope ladder leading downwards and left the tomb, sabotaging the bridge leading back and pulling up the ladder to the surface too. The hope was that this would inconvenience anyone trying to leave for long enough to allow us time to return.

So now we sit back in at the inn at Kingsholme, taking a drink of beer and some food before heading back out. Tyrer's been reunited with her steward and will hopefully be able to put all this behind her for now.

We can't do the same though, very soon it'll be time to head back and find out what other horrors await us in Hasdrubal's tomb.



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