The Thin Man

The Earl and the Tower


Friday 30th June 1498 – Morning

We traveled to Bréhan manor in the morning to speak with the Earl and found her, Goulwena that is, with a handful of retainers loading up carts and horses. She claimed that she was to lead an expedition to a nearby tower that had partially crumbled, breaking the magic that had sealed it shut for may centuries. This tower was supposed to have been used by Arzhur Bréhan, our suspected tomb-robber and potential cannibal, back in his day.

She hoped to regain some wealth from her ancestors as her family was under much pressure after the deaths of her three brothers. 

In exchange for the scroll, should we find it, we offered to lend our might to her trip. I'm fairly sure that she would have followed Guillaume anywhere though. She seemed positively weak at the knees in his presence, although of course we were all too polite to notice!

Friday 30th June 1498 – Early Afternoon

The tower is certainly grand in scale, fully 85 feet wide and at least 60 tall it dominates the landscape of low-lying trees and marshland.  It appears comprised of four eight-sided towers with what we presume would be a central staircase. One of the towers has partially fallen in, granting access to the interior. 

Friday 30th June 1498 – Evening

Our journey almost ended in disaster. The tower was infested by Troglodytes, their animal 'pets'. Not only that but our baggage was beset by a pack of hounds – filthy, noisy things. This wasn't even the worst of things however. Nightmarish, flaming skeletons lunged at us out of the darkened chambers, their heat searing flesh and burning hair. It was overwhelming and I'm afraid to say my body gave way in their presence.

To add final injury to injury, as we finally reached the summit of the tower part of the roof gave way. Fortunately Guillaume was able to save Goulwena and I, seeing that Goulwena would be safe, the chest of what we hoped to be treasures.

The tower itself contained numerous rooms including an armoury, library, a temple and altar to Nethys and numerous storerooms. 

Saturday 3rd July 1498

Exploring the rooms of the tower had yielded many interesting items, most of which went into the coffers of the Bréhan estate. 

The most notable examples were a Phoenix Lodge banner and a number of notebooks. It appears that Arzhur had also deciphered the scroll and that he had initially gone in search of it in the vain hopes of finding a way to contain the famine ravaging his lands so many years ago. It seems that he may not have been the killer that the stories make him out to be.

Had giant frog's legs and troglodyte kidney pie this evening. Most excellent.

Sunday 2nd July 1498

I write this from a bed at Goulwena's residence. My burns and wounds are finally healing up, with thanks to Shanae's magic and the ministrations of the local clergy, and I should be on my feet again soon. When we came to Bréhan we certainly had no idea what we were getting into.

We've paid a handful of labourers to take time from the fields to help us open up the staircase to the lower levels of the tower. The one mercy is that it is unlikely to be inhabited, but I fear we must still be cautious.



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