The Thin Man

The Butcher of Brehan

Tuesday 28th June 1498 – Afternoon

Today was to be a day for errand running and study. I am ever more convinced that the Hunger we are feeling is somehow not only linked to artefacts recovered from Hasdrubal's tomb but that we are somehow spreading the plague on our travels. Wherever we have returned to has been afflicted so. I pray my fears are unfounded.

We sent Lydia to convalesce at the Acadamae whilst Guillaume and I took the opportunity to wander the market stalls and offload some of our gains in exchange for new equipment. Very pleased with the haul today as I managed to convert the gemstones and coins we'd recovered into a new set of tools! Shanae did not seem impressed with their fine workmanship and was far more absorbed in finding some poor creature's pelt to drape over her new shield.

Whilst out wandering Guillaume admitted that he had left the Black Sword with George Du Pin and the rest of his Order, but had neglected to tell them of the power it possesses! How can he claim to trust them with the sword, if he cannot even trust them with our knowledge of it? I was incredulous and whatever madness had overcome him! He claimed that not telling them of its power would make them less inclined to test it out – rather implying that they would certainly attempt to wake it if they knew what it could do.

It must be retrieved, or at the very least the book must be kept out of their hands. Apparently the chapter house is not even well guarded, unlike the tomb. We should never have bought it with us.

I took the opportunity to in no uncertain terms remind him that I believe it was a folly to remove it from the tomb and he did not take kindly to the fact. Unkind words were exchanged. 

Sergeant Von Maastricht overheard our quarrel and took us to the watch-house where he confided to us that he ahd noticed the effects of the Hunger and was concerned for the welfare of Vannes. We told him what precious little we knew and pledged to assist in whatever way we could, but he could not provide us much direction in our search for a cause or cure.

Rather glum we wandered up to the Acadamae to see if Lydia had found anything of use.

Tuesday 28th June 1498 – Evening

Well, that was most interesting. Professor Blanchard-McGonagall has arranged a meeting tomorrow with us, Van Maastricht and Du Pin to discuss the whole affair. Our theory now is that the scroll was initially removed from the tomb likely not long before the scroll was made.

It seems there will be no more hiding anything about the Sword or the Dragons Book.

Wednesday 28th June 1498 – Afternoon

An uneventful meeting. For all their knowledge of chivalry and magics even these people of power are all but useless.

We told them everything and handed over copies of the notes we made in Hasdrubal's tomb but not one of them was able to offer assistance to us for where to turn next. At least we got the thrice-damned sword back.

Damned waste of time.

Wednesday 28th June 1498 – Evening

Guillaume had a realisation as we traveled back to the Crooked Wand. He had noticed some shields in the upper tomb and thought he recognised the heraldry, although it was certainly an ancient variation. He thought it might be that of the family of the [[Earl of Bréhan]], who live not much more than a day's march away! Could it be that they were responsible for the original theft of the scroll? He damned well could have thought of this sooner.

Wednesday 28th June 1498 – Late Evening

Had excellent, albeit expensive, meal at the Crooked Wand. Asked for a copy of the recipe but they wouldn't say where the meat was from. Family secret I guess.

Thursday 29th June 1498 – Night

We have just taken lodging, if you can even call it that, in the Needy Magpie at Bréhan. This truly seems to be a forsaken place, poor and run-down. There is little joy and hardly enough even for offerings to the Gods but the one blessing is that the Hunger does not seem to have spread this far. 

Guillaume has told us what little he knows of the Bréhan family. The Earl, famed in the fairy tales of Breton as the 'Deamon Butcher', supposedly ate his servants in a lavish feast during a great famine almost eight hundred years ago. He met his end as part of the Council of Karnac, all of whom were found dead one day although the circumstances of their deaths have long been forgotten from living memory.

We'll travel to the Bréhan family home tomorrow and see what we can learn. It's too much to hope that the scroll remains within their positions, but we must try to learn whatever we can.



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