The Thin Man

Making Friends

Wednesday, 15th June 1498 – Evening

We couldn't tarry long in Kingsholme for fear that by the time we returned to the tombs the perpetrators will have made their escape already. Whilst we no-doubt inconvenienced them, they seem well prepared and we had no doubt that they could escape if they put their minds to it.

As we were about to leave, laden with fresh supplies graciously given to us by the locals, a suspicious (he didn't have a hat!) Gnome named Zamas called for our attention. He explained that he'd followed us from the Acadamie in search of 'adventure' and to practice his crafts. We decided to take up his offer of joining us as more swords are always welcome but warned up that this was not a jolly expedition and we could not guarantee his safety. How prophetic our words were to be…

Upon returning to the tombs we quickly lowered the rope ladders again and descended into a vast chamber with pillars acting as a series of platforms to the far end. We crossed without much incident – except for one fleshy creature that tried to attack us but was swatted out of the air by Lydia's magics. The rough, unworked walls in the chamber suggest that the decent we made was to another, possibly older, part of the tomb complex.  Does this place have no end?

Beyond that cavern was possibly the greatest surprise we could have imagined. A grand room with a table, chairs and place settings all ornately carved out of obsidian! There were three exits, one of which was fiendishly trapped. Some careful searching revealed boot-prints and scuff-marks near one of the exits so we proceeded in that direction. 

From here, every room became stranger and stranger and it was soon clear that we were trapped in a labyrinth of some kind. The entire area was cloaked in powerful, impenetrable magic and there was nothing for us to do but proceed onwards in the hopes that we'd stumble upon the exit before the creatures inhabiting this place wore us down. 

After some time we were greeted by a creature that claimed to be a Hound Archon which lead us to the exit. It mentioned something about us being watched and to "look at the shields" but was evasive when asked about who had sent it or why.

I have no reason to believe that it was anything but another illusion created by the maze…. 

Still, the area it lead us to seemed safe enough and we are taking the opportunity to rest before venturing onwards. I have a feeling that things will not be getting easier.



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